HeheStreams on Chromecast

Apple locks down iOS browser capabilities to lure you into their ecosystem. For this reason, it is not possible to initialize a stream from Apple iOS. MacOS and OS X do not have this limitation, however.

HeheStreams provides official support for Chromecast playback (not tab streaming). To send a stream to Chromecast, pleasure ensure that you are using a non-iOS device and have the latest version of Google Chrome installed.

1. Click the Chromecast icon

If the browser detects a Chromecast in the same network, the player will display the Chromecast icon. If the icon does not appear, please ensure that your Chromecast device is active on your network — Chromecast is automatically picked up if it's available; we don't decide if it is or not.

2. Choose your target device

Click on one of the listed Chromecast devices to start casting.

3. Enjoy

You can now control playback from the Google Home app or the webpage itself. You are also able to completely close the device you initialized the cast from and continue to enjoy playback.

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