How account sharing is handled

Per our terms of service, we have limits on the number of devices that can watch content. We do this because we carefully allocate a precise number of resources for streaming, and we don't want anyone's playback experience to be interrupted, just like we don't want yours to be interrupted by someone else.

Our account sharing algorithm is lenient, and takes into consideration scenarios where you may be transitioning between devices. Whether that's in your home or on the road. There's an allowed window of error.

If that window is exceeded, a simple nudge is sent to you, the user, saying, "hey, you've connected to too many devices, please limit it, thanks. :)" followed by forced acknowledgement in the form of a popup on the devices that were streaming. 

If, and only if, this pattern is habitual, will there be any kind of intervention. We will always give the user the benefit of the doubt and work within their constraints. If a user has consistent usage that's blatantly against our account sharing policies will other measures have to be taken.

In short, you have to intentionally try to have your account's status jeopardized. Even then, we'll work with you for a short and long-term solution. Historically, less than 1% of users have ever received nudge reminding them of the account sharing policies, and of that 1%, only 2% have ever had services refused at the time of renewal.

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