How many devices per account? Per stream?

In short: unlimited, with an asterisk.

We don't care about how many devices connect to your account. But you're probably wondering how many devices can connect to your account to watch games.

First, let's define what a "live game" is. A live game is a game that was played on the present day, in the America/Juneau timezone (GMT-8). An archived game is a game that was played on a day previous.

One (1) physical device can watch live games at a time, and it can watch unlimited live and on-demand games. Up to three (3) physical devices can watch archived games. If any device is watching a live game, it can be the only physical device watching any content.

This applies to each sport on your account, but is not stackable. Meaning, if you purchase multiple sports, you can't have two devices watching live games on a single sport. 

What happens if you exceed this limit? Nothing serious, don't worry. You won't be banned. Please see how we handle account sharing for more information.

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