Common reasons for playback issues and how to fix them

This article contains common playback issues. If you still have issues, please stop by HeheStreams chat for further diagnostics.
I am receiving error: DRM_Failed_License_Request
Cause: The DRM server failed to respond with a proper license.
Fix: Refreshing usually fixes the issue.
I am receiving error: DRM_NO_KEY_SYSTEM
Cause: The browser you are using does not support DRM.
Fix: Ensure that you browser supports DRM and or make sure you're using an officially-supported HeheStreams device.
The stream is lagging or buffering

All of our streams come straight from enterprise content delivery networks. If your stream is performing poorly, please check the following:

  • Any battery saver mode is turned off
  • Your device has acceptable CPU and memory resources available
  • Any unnecessary browser extensions are disabled except the HeheStreams browser extension. This includes ad blockers, tab suspenders, etc. (if applicable)
  • Any VPNs are disabled
  • Your internet is performant according to and CloudHarmony Akamai Speed Test
  • You are using a modern browser such as Google Chrome (recommended) (if applicable)

If you are unsure of what to do, or are still having issues, please stop by HeheStreams chat where a friendly member of our team can further troubleshoot with you. Any playback performance issues are usually resolved in just a matter of minutes. We've been doing this a while. :)

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